You’re probably here because you went looking for a family photographer, stumbled upon me, and stopped because my photos make you feel something. 

You’re using precious minutes of your time to click through my site.

 Baby pulling wipes out of a container and making a mess.

You’re wondering what I can do for you.

You’re not seeing any photos of happy families in coordinating outfits holding hands in fields of wildflowers at sunset. 

That’s not what I do.


What I do is show what’s difficult for you to see about your life – your real life at home or in your favorite places.


I show you that it’s beautiful

That your family is happy


That your home is full of joy and love and laughter and fun.

 Fairfield County Family Photographer

You can’t always see it when you’re in the trenches of motherhood. That’s why you hire me; I show you what I see when I look at you. 

I show you that your kids are having fun and enjoying their lives

 Children having fun while eating dinner.

That they feel your love. 


That you and your husband laugh and smile a lot more than you realize. 


I show you that your hard work means something to your family. That because of all you do, your family is happy and healthy and your kids feel loved. That with all the little things you do everyday, you’ve created a life for your family that is full of joy and fun and love. 


Can you imagine how it would feel to see that? How it would change your outlook every day as you make your way through those trenches?

Let’s make this the year you actually see how beautiful your life is.

anna-liisa nixon-20190901-7404.jpg

Day In The Life

$2800 (full day) or $1800 (half day) or $650 (2 hours*)

What you get:

The session fee includes documentary coverage of your real life, relaxed portraits of your family, a downloadable slideshow of your day, a gorgeous archival quality album of your favorite images from your day, and the high-res digital files with print release. 

What you REALLY get:

You get the whole story of your family right now. You get a beautiful album that you can look back on forever to remember what this stage of life feels like. You get validation for your hard work. You get a perspective on your family that can change your entire outlook. I promise: when you see your images, you will fall in love with your family all over again.

If you’re interested, I’d love to learn more about your family.

Session availability is limited. All prices are subject to CT sales tax.

*The 2 hour session fee includes the slideshow and high-res digital files with print release. Albums are available for an additional fee.

Hourly event rates are available upon request.