Your Real Life, Captured Beautifully.

Connecticut Family Photographer

You do you and I bring my camera.

Photographing my family just as they are started off as a coping mechanism for me as I transitioned from life as a criminal defense attorney to stay-at-home mom. I had plenty of lovely portraits of my kids’ smiling faces against a pretty backdrop, but I yearned for more. I wanted context and details and authenticity. I wanted a record of the little everyday moments as well as the big milestones. 

I wanted a time capsule of the stage of life when my most important title is “Mama.”

This became my mission, for my family and for others.

I truly believe that documentary family photography is like a love letter to your family. It's a way of telling your kids--and yourself!--that you appreciate this life that you're living right now. Sure, there are tough parts. There are things that you want to change. But that's the thing -- it all keeps changing and if you're anything like me, you forget the details and how it all felt. 

I strive to give the families I work with a beautiful photographic record of the enormous love, the hard work, and the underlying humor inherent in the job of raising small humans.

Interested? The first step is a simple conversation. Call or message me so I can learn more about your family!