Clients Are Saying...


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“As someone who dreads family photos because my children and husband are so resistant to cooperate, Anna-Liisa’s documentary style was perfect. It didn’t feel like a photo session at all. I am so pleased with the photos. She captured my kids’ personalities perfectly and managed to capture moments that reminded me how sweet this life is.”

- Rebecca Cawley


"Anna-Liisa, completely unobtrusive and with an uncanny knack for capturing unexpected and utterly endearing moments, photographed a surprise party for my mother's 90th birthday this past September. The vivid scenes at this multigenerational gathering were perfectly preserved and were breathtaking in their poignancy. As a result, we can relive that day with perfect clarity and incredible warmth. Any photographer can "take pictures," but few use their lens to also capture the emotion and humor that occur in the course of a celebration. Anna-Liisa is an extraordinary talent and an absolute professional. Highly recommended."

- Stacy Stableford


“Although I am often hard on myself, and on a daily basis I think I am doing this whole motherhood thing wrong and letting my kids get away with too much / yelling too much / letting my kids watch too much TV / being too strict (I could keep going on), our photos from Anna-Liisa made me realize what I can’t see. That we laugh a lot. That we love each other a lot. That I may actually be doing okay at this motherhood gig. And although my life can be chaotic, lonely, stressful, and messy, it’s also pretty beautiful. It’s funny how spending an ordinary evening in your own house with a stranger taking pictures of you sitting on the kitchen floor with your daughter in pajamas can make you appreciate what you have.”

- Aarika Friend

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“I am so grateful to Anna-Liisa of Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography for capturing some of my family’s most precious moments. We’ll be able to look back and laugh about how, in the thick of this life stage, when there doesn’t seem to be enough coffee in the world to simply make it through the day, our lives were in fact perfect.”

- Amy Jones


“To my pleasant surprise, it turns out there is something fairly magical in everyday life! The talented Anna-Liisa Nixon has the ability to find beauty in the ordinary, and the results are amazing!”

- Kate Mancayo


"She got the raw joy of our whole family, and as promised, made me 'look good' as a new mother (which is nearly impossible!)"

- Sophie Georgette