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See the latest images from Anna-Liisa Nixon Photography, a Westport, Connecticut documentary / lifestyle family photographer.

An Evening with the Sanford Family

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Evenings can be so tough for parents, whether you are dealing with tired babies, cranky toddlers, or amped up kids. But they can also be a wonderful time to capture your family’s pure love and personalities. While you’re focused on getting homework done, getting dinner on the table, getting kids clean and ready for bed, I make images of your hard work and your deep love for each other that shines through the exasperation and exhaustion, and you walk away with a photographic time capsule of this crazy stage of life.

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An Evening with the Kelly Family

As a mama to three whose husband travels a lot for work, this was one of my favorite family sessions to date. Erika’s husband gets home late most weeknights, so the evening I spent with just her and her three kids was pretty normal for them and I related to it SO MUCH. One parent versus three kids—especially at dinner and bath and bed time—can be a challenge to say the least.

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