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Can You Picture It?

I think that one of the things that holds a lot of people back from booking a Day In The Life session is that they can’t picture what their images will look like. When you schedule a portrait session, you choose your photographer for their style, you plan your clothing, you plan your location, and you choose a specific time of year and day to get the look you want. You can conjure up a pretty good image in your head of how your pictures are going to turn out. For a lot of people, that feels good, and like a safe bet for your money.

It’s a lot harder to try to imagine what your images would look like if you booked a Day In The Life session. And when you can’t picture it, it feels risky to spend your hard-earned money on it.

I truly believe that documentary family photography is like a love letter to your family. It's a way of telling your kids--and yourself!--that you appreciate this life that you're living right now.

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