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Family Photos For People Who Hate Photo Sessions

What if instead of a few catalog-worthy photos for your holiday card, you could walk away from a photo session with a whole big album of beautifully composed images of what your life really looks and feels like? Of what your love and hard work looks like? Of all the little things you never knew you wanted to remember about this stage of your life? What if family photos were less about appearing perfect on social media and more about appreciating and valuing your life just the way it is? Can you imagine how that would feel for you? Can you imagine how that would feel for your kids?

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An Evening with the Sanford Family

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Evenings can be so tough for parents, whether you are dealing with tired babies, cranky toddlers, or amped up kids. But they can also be a wonderful time to capture your family’s pure love and personalities. While you’re focused on getting homework done, getting dinner on the table, getting kids clean and ready for bed, I make images of your hard work and your deep love for each other that shines through the exasperation and exhaustion, and you walk away with a photographic time capsule of this crazy stage of life.

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Snow Day in Westport, CT

On Monday night, we got the news via text, call, tweet, etc. School was closed the next day due to the impending snow storm. It was a far cry from my memories of waking up in the morning and listening to the radio announcer list all towns in alphabetical order and FINALLY getting to Westport. Other than that, my kids’ first snow day was pretty much the same as I remember ours being. Sledding (on the same sled I used as a kid), snow angels, hot chocolate, lots of wet clothes, and lots of TV time.

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