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Family Photos For People Who Hate Photo Sessions

It’s that time of year when many people book family photo sessions.

You know how it works. You schedule the date and the rain date.

You spend way too much time and money putting together the perfectly coordinated outfits that your kids (and husband) will complain about.


You have your hair and make up done.


You go to a random park you’ve never been to before at golden hour (witching hour) and pray that your kids (and husband) will cooperate for 20 minutes so you can get one good shot for your holiday card. You cajole, you tell jokes, you take lots of deep breaths, you promise ice cream.

There’s always that one kid who just isn’t feeling it.


You come away with a beautiful image of your family cuddling in a field of wildflowers at sunset. You look perfect.

You turn that photo into your holiday cards. You make it your Facebook cover photo. Your friends and family and anyone who looks you up on social media see how beautiful and perfect your family is. Mission accomplished.


That’s one way to do family photos.

Maybe it works for you.

Maybe you’ve tried it and the experience just wasn’t for you.


Or maybe you’ve never actually hired a photographer because your kids are wild and you think the process would never work for your family.


 What if I told you there was another way?

 Fairfield County Family Photographer

What if you didn’t have to stress about weather or outfits or well-behaved kids (and husbands)?

Pompa Birthday-20190629-ALN_7161.jpg

What if instead of a few catalog-worthy photos for your holiday card, you could walk away from a photo session with a whole big album of beautifully composed images of what your life really looks and feels like? Of what your love and hard work looks like? Of all the little things you never knew you wanted to remember about this stage of your life?


What if you booked a photo session to have a record of what your life really looks like — with you IN the pictures, moms!!! — so that you can always remember this short stage of life?


What if family photos were less about appearing perfect on social media and more about appreciating and valuing your life just the way it is?


Can you imagine how that would feel for you?


Can you imagine how that would feel for your kids?


That’s what I do for you.


It’s easy. It’s simple. We schedule a date, I show up with my camera, and you just go about your day.  


You don’t have to dress up. Your kid’s favorite ratty Spiderman t-shirt that he insists on wearing over and over says so much more about his personality right now than a polo shirt and khakis. Pajamas and costumes are totally welcome.

You don’t have to check the weather. Life goes on, rain or shine.


You don’t have to worry about your kids behaving. In fact, the more “personality” they show, the better the photos will be.


You don’t have to clear your schedule. Your son has a baseball game? Cool, I’ll tag along.


Your daughter has soccer? I’m there, photographing you cheering her on and wrangling your other kids from beneath the bleachers. Grocery shopping? Yup, that, too. The best moments of tenderness and connection and joy and laughter tend to happen when families are busy focused on doing something else.


You can book me for the whole day, half a day, or a couple hours. The more time I spend with your family, the more comfortable everyone gets. The more comfortable you feel, the more I can see and make pictures of who you really are as individuals and as a family. This is how I can make pictures that truly represent the people you love.

anna-liisa nixon-20181107-5349.jpg

There’s nothing “mini” about these sessions. You’ll get all the photos, the whole story of your day. You don’t have to pick and choose your favorites because they are all part of the story. You’ll get the digital files and you’ll get a big book that you and your kids can flip through over and over again now and in 10 years and in 20 years and in 30 years. You’ll have images that reflect actual memories of your real life. You’ll have photos that will prompt you to tell your kids stories of that day or that year. And one day they can flip through the book and tell THEIR kids those stories.


And yes, I’ll even make sure to give you a photo for your holiday cards.


Are you interested? Curious to learn more? Let’s chat. My fall calendar is filling up and I’d love to get your family on it!