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An Evening with the Sanford Family

Fairfield County, Connecticut Family Photographer*

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Evenings can be so tough for parents, whether you are dealing with tired babies, cranky toddlers, or amped up kids. But they can also be a wonderful time to capture your family’s pure love and personalities. While you’re focused on getting homework done, getting dinner on the table, getting kids clean and ready for bed, I make images of your hard work and your deep love for each other that shines through the exasperation and exhaustion, and you walk away with a photographic time capsule of this crazy stage of life.

I spent an evening with Michelle and her husband and three kids a few months ago, and got to witness this beautiful family’s chaos, laughter, mischief, and affection. There were kids sitting on tables. There was fighting. There was dancing, chasing, wrestling, and shooting. But there was also all five family members sitting down together to eat a gourmet meal, arranged on plates like in a nice restaurant. There were two parents working seamlessly together to get all the chores done, but also enjoying a cocktail together and smiling through it all. Sanford Family, thank you so much for letting me hang out with you for an evening!

*I've partnered with Fairfield County Moms Blog to photograph the normal evening routines of their contributors. As a photographer, evenings are a goldmine for capturing fun, real moments. As a mom, it's SO great to be able to observe different families and see (and learn from!) the different ways moms deal with the struggles we all have around the end of the day and dinner time. Click here to see the photo essay series with words by the moms on the Fairfield County Moms Blog!

Interested in having a normal evening in your life documented? Let’s chat! Your everyday life is probably a lot more interesting than you realize, and well worth preserving!