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Solo Parenting at Witching Hour

Fairfield County, Connecticut Family Photographer*

Dinner. Bath. Bed. Before I had kids, those three words conjured up good images in my mind. Now, not so much. It’s like going into battle every evening, especially when Jared is traveling for work and I’m doing it solo.

I spent an evening with Aarika and her girls a couple months ago, meeting them in the driveway as they arrived home from work/ school and hanging out till the girls were in bed reading books. Aarika’s husband didn’t get home from work until right before the kids went to sleep, so she was on her own for dinner and bath and getting the kids ready for bed. And you know what? She totally rocked it AND there were so many smiles and laughs and silly moments.

You can read about Aarika’s session in her own words here.

*I've partnered with Fairfield County Moms Blog to photograph the normal evening routines of their contributors. As a photographer, evenings are a goldmine for capturing fun, real moments. As a mom, it's SO great to be able to observe different families and see (and learn from!) the different ways moms deal with the struggles we all have around the end of the day and dinner time. Click here to see the photo essay series with words by the moms on the Fairfield County Moms Blog!

Interested in having a normal evening in your life documented? Let’s chat! Your everyday life is probably a lot more interesting than you realize, and well worth preserving!