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Why Photograph A Normal Evening?

Fairfield County, Connecticut Family Photographer*

Why in the world would anyone hire a photographer to document a normal evening for their family?

Because a normal evening this year is probably different from a normal evening last year or next year and that growth and change is worth noting. Seriously, doesn’t it feel like one day you’re pureeing vegetables to feed your toothless baby and the next day they’re cooking their own meals?

Because real life is made up of mostly normal days and evenings and real life is worth remembering. Sure, there are holidays and birthdays and other milestones and celebrations and sometimes you’re all dressed up and looking spiffy and it’s fantastic to take pictures then! But you know what? People tend to be most comfortable in their homes, under “normal” circumstances. And when people are comfortable and relaxed and let their guard down, you can make REAL pictures of REAL moments and REAL connections.   

Because when you’re busy going about your normal evening, making dinner, breaking up fights, cleaning the kitchen, giving baths, brushing teeth, you don’t have the time or brain space to feel self-conscious about a photographer being there. Because when you’re not feeling self-conscious, a photographer can see and photograph your family’s unique way of loving each other.

Because being a parent is really hard work and exhausting and that is worth recognizing.

Because one day it will be the last time you help your kid brush their teeth or read her a bed time story. One day they won’t even live with you anymore. One day, what happened at home on these normal evenings will be some of your best memories. Wouldn’t it be great to have photos of that?

*I've partnered with Fairfield County Moms Blog to photograph the normal evening routines of their contributors. As a photographer, evenings are a goldmine for capturing fun, real moments. As a mom, it's SO great to be able to observe different families and see (and learn from!) the different ways moms deal with the struggles we all have around the end of the day and dinner time. Click here to see the photo essay serieswith words by the moms on the Fairfield County Moms Blog!

Interested in having a normal evening in your life documented? Let’s chat! Your everyday life is probably a lot more interesting than you realize, and well worth preserving!