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We're Moving to Connecticut!

Homeward Bound...

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The summer I turned nine years old, my family moved from Tokyo, Japan (where my dad worked as a correspondent for CBS News) to Westport, Connecticut. Although I'd visited many times, it was my first time living in the United States. My dad grew up in Westport. My grandfather grew up in a neighboring town. It was pretty cool to live somewhere that held so much family history. Also, my favorite series at the time, The Babysitter's Club, happened to be set in a little town in Connecticut, so it was kind of a dream come true for me. 

Jared and I met in law school in Connecticut, and moved south in 2005. It wasn't long after we moved to Florida that we decided that we eventually wanted to raise our kids somewhere in the Northeast near family. Fast forward several years and several kids later and we are headed back! We're moving to Westport this July. We're so excited to live near grandparents and cousins and old friends and have seasons and actual pumpkin patches and snow and and and...

Ulysses will turn nine at the end of the summer, the same age I was when I moved to Westport. The kids will be attending the same elementary school that my brother and I went to and that my dad did before us. 

So, this is so long, Florida friends and hello Connecticut friends! We'll be hanging out at Compo Beach all summer. Hope to see you there!

PS. I have space for a few more photo sessions in South Florida through the end of June and my calendar will be open for Connecticut bookings shortly!