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The Everglades | Miami Family Photographer

Alligators, oh my!

I moved to Florida in 2005. During my first 6 months or so here, I did a lot of touristy South Florida things, including a visit to Everglades National Park. I hadn't been back since then, but a couple weeks ago, Jared suggested we take the kids out for an afternoon and it was just as cool as I remembered it being.

Shark Valley is a series of paths, including a wide paved path right along some water where alligators swim and come up on land. Right next to people. No fence, no barrier, nothing. Anywhere else, this would be terrifying, but somehow it's not so scary here. We saw 3 or 4 full adult alligators and 5 babies. The kids' favorite part was finding a dead alligator near the road on the drive there. Despite being mostly overcast, it was still brutally hot and the kids got a bit tired and cranky so we didn't explore too much. Next time, we'll try to do an airboat tour to see more.