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An Evening with the Kelly Family

Fairfield County Family Photographer*

As a mama to three whose husband travels a lot for work, this was one of my favorite family sessions to date. Erika’s husband gets home late most weeknights, so the evening I spent with just her and her three kids was pretty normal for them and I related to it SO MUCH. One parent versus three kids—especially at dinner and bath and bed time—can be a challenge to say the least. I’m posting some images from her evening here, but do yourself a favor and click this link to read about the evening in Erika’s own words. Her sense of humor shines through in the post and totally cracks me up!

*I've partnered with Fairfield County Moms Blog to photograph the normal evening routines of their contributors. As a photographer, evenings are a goldmine for capturing fun, real moments. As a mom, it's SO great to be able to observe different families and see (and learn from!) the different ways moms deal with the struggles we all have around the end of the day and dinner time. Click here to see the photo essay series with words by the moms on the Fairfield County Moms Blog!

Interested in having a normal evening in your life documented? Let’s chat! Your everyday life is probably a lot more interesting than you realize, and well worth preserving!