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Five Pictures To Take This Christmas

A Quick and Easy Shot List for Christmas Day

Christmas is next week, you guys! For so many kids, it’s the most magical day of the year. But how do you document the magic of the day? Here are some ideas of what I try to capture and what usually makes it into my family’s photo books at the end of the year. If you don’t have a DSLR or don’t want to lug yours around, your iPhone will do the job just fine!

1. Details and Decorations

Think letters to Santa, special ornaments on your tree, stockings, decorations inside and outside of your home.

2. Traditions

My kids always make a special Icelandic doughnut called Kleinur with my in-laws. What’s something special that your family does? Caroling? Church? Make sure you get a photo of it!

3. The Wide Shot

At family gatherings, especially around the holidays, I love to step back and take a wide shot of the room with no one looking at my camera, just to try to capture what it felt like to be there. I also like to get a photo of the table set for special meals. These are never going to be award-winning shots; they are just for me and my family. Honestly, these are usually the ones that mean the most to me.

4. The Presents (Bonus Points If You Capture Them In Use!)

As parents, we stress over choosing the perfect gifts for our kids, but we never really know what they’ll love and what will get tossed aside the day after Christmas. Take the picture anyway! (And print them to include in thank you notes for far away relatives!)

5. The Group Shot

I love getting a group shot, especially now that there are so many little cousins in our family, but I don’t stress over forcing the kids to smile or do anything special. I just love having all the kids in one frame, and the more personality they show, the better, in my opinion!

Merry Christmas!