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A Giveaway of Authentic Holiday Cards | Fairfield County Family Photographer

Stylishly coordinated outfits at sunset in an overgrown field are gorgeous—no doubt about it—but if that’s not your thing, don’t despair!

It’s holiday card time, so chances are you’ve either got them all designed, ordered, and ready to mail out, OR you’re looking at the calendar and you’re surprised to see November at the top of the page, and oh shit that awesome photographer your friend used is all booked up and you don’t have any cute outfits ready anyway and the weather sucks so what the hell, you’ll just suck it up and head to to the mall to capture those wonderful memories of waiting in line at the mall photo studio with cranky kids.

Guys! There’s another way! And it’s EASY!

Fairfield County area families, I’m talking to you! Book a Short Story (2 hours) or Day In The Life session with me. I’ll come over, we’ll hang out, I’ll photograph your normal life, you’ll get beautiful images of authentic connections and moments that make you fall in love with your family all over again. No sulky husband, no bribing kids, no last minute shopping for outfits. As a thank you gift for trusting me, I’ll design and print a set of 50 holiday cards for you that’ll make all your friends jealous. We can pick one image that represents your REAL life or a series for a collage. Boom, done, easy peasy.

What are you waiting for?! Let’s talk!