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An Evening with the Kelly Family

As a mama to three whose husband travels a lot for work, this was one of my favorite family sessions to date. Erika’s husband gets home late most weeknights, so the evening I spent with just her and her three kids was pretty normal for them and I related to it SO MUCH. One parent versus three kids—especially at dinner and bath and bed time—can be a challenge to say the least.

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Our September | Westport, CT Family Photographer

I used to be really good about making yearly photo books for our family. I also made a detailed “first year” photo book for each of the first two kids, with monthly summaries of their stats, firsts, and little stories. I lost steam somewhere around 2014 or 2015. Tallulah will turn three next week and I haven’t made her first year book yet. As I begin the tedious task of going back through my thousands upon thousands of photos to choose which ones to include in my books, I thought I’d share some here on the blog, month by month. Here’s our September 2018.

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